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Christa Pistorius

My path to this work started at a very young age with a fascination with pregnancy and good instincts with babies. Combining this with the ever-present need of “just wanting to help”, I started listening to and supporting new mamas.


I experienced pregnancy, birth and postpartum with different families and in varied circumstances, and later added to these experiences on a deeper level when I became a mother myself.

I realised the postpartum period desperately needs to be normalised, and that for women in this country (myself included), it is uninformed and isolating. Striving to change this, I became a Birth Doula and started my training as a Professional Postpartum Care Provider. 


This time in a new parent and baby's life is sacred, and I want to help people understand that and make better, informed decisions accordingly. So many things in the postpartum period determines your baby’s health and well being for the rest of their lives (and that, in turn, is so closely linked to your own). Realising and navigating this responsibility with someone caring and knowledgable by your side, makes a world of difference and with much less overwhelm. Also, being able to do “small” things like take a shower or eat in longer than 3 minutes and having adult conversation while caring for a newborn, is not to be taken for granted! Having a PPCP means your Fourth Trimester can not only be a time for you to just survive, but to thrive. 

I live in Johannesburg as One of “Three Musketeers”, with my beautiful partner and daughter. It’s such a privilege to meet all the wonderful people that I do in this work, and how they open themselves and their homes up to me in a very special and bonding time in their lives.

* I am experienced in providing postpartum care and I am currently in the process of completing the required hours to gain full certification as a PPCP.

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