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Marelise Bester

I've always had a love for babies. Since I can remember, I wished my baby doll was real, and this inevitably translated into a career.

The year after school I went to America to be an Au Pair for a lovely family. Over the next 13 years, I worked with babies and children of all ages until I fell pregnant with my daughter. I decided that I don’t want to send my daughter to a
crèche while I looked after other people’s children, so I became a Stay-at-Home-Mom. When I had my daughter I didn’t have any help, and that is why it is now my passion to help other mothers transition into motherhood.

I qualified as a WOMBS Doula and Postpartum Doula in August 2019. When COVID happened, I transitioned into Night Nursing for about 2 years. In all this I realised that not only does the babies need to be looked after
when they are born, but the mothers too.


To fill the big gap between the hospital and doing it all on your own at home, I focused on breastfeeding education.

I am gaining experience in this field every day and am passionate about the difference it makes in a new family's journey.

The goal and focus of my practice is to help the mother look after herself as well as her newborn, and the family to adjust to the new dynamic; mother the mother, so she can mother the family.

At the end of our time together, it is touching when a family jokes that I can move in, but my goal is to leave them empowered and comfortable to continue on their own as a new family. 

I work in the Northern Suburbs as well as in the Helderberg area, but am willing to travel.

I am a Leche League trained Peer Counsellor (2022)

and a qualified Professional Postpartum Care Provider (2023).

You are welcome to contact me:

Phone: 076 593 5027

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