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My name is Noloyiso "Lois" Williams. I'm a wife and a mom to 2 wonderful angels whom I cherish so much. I became a mother when I was in my teens which was a difficult time for me because I never got a chance to enjoy being a young mom and for some unknown reason I was judged instead of being supported. A couple of years later I met Ruth Erhardt when she was attending my cousin's birth, the love, care and attention she gave her made me fall in love with birth work so much so that every time she attended a birth in my area I was automatically there, that's when she told me about the PPCP training and later introduced me to Jacky Bloemraad-de Boer, who gave me the opportunity to pursue my passion as a birth worker.


Today I'm a certified and practicing Professional Postpartum Care Provider and a qualified Night Nurse. I am proud of what I'm doing and I feel that this opportunity is an opening door for me, and being born in a country where teen pregnancy is a common thing has  given me the opportunity to give other girls and young women out there who are faced with the same situation as I was, and to be able to give them the love and care I never had the chance to receive, is a priceless gem for me .


I believe postpartum care plays a big and important role in a new mom's life. Because having someone who understands rather than judges you is a spectacular experience . Giving gives me joy and I am proud to pass that joy to others without any fear and doubt in my mind. There's a certain time during that moment when taking care and talking to a mom that I almost feel like we are one in the same and it always puts a smile in my heart. I love everything birth 😍


I'm based in Cape Town Redhill and my services to extend Fish Hoek, Southern Suburbs, Southern Peninsula and Cape Town CBD

You are welcome to contact me:


Phone: 060 3778 741

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