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Kefilwe Sibenya
You are welcome to contact me:

Phone: 076 734 6592

Postpartum care is a practice that brings families together. It is the right of passage of the new mother and the comfort for the newborn child whose growth is dependent on the warmth of the mother. This is what I have watched and learned throughout my life as a mother and a daughter.

The foundation of my product offerings for postpartum care is influenced by the work I watched my late grandmother put her heart into. Her role was to honour the role as the knowledge bearer when families would invite her to
assist with the postpartum period which is known as Botsetsi in my culture. Her passionate care for mothers and their babies is the lifeline of the work I am doing. I am dedicated to caring for mothers because it is my normal. It is a traditional practice I honour. 

My mission is to restore and connect the ancient practices that will help us regain the consciousness of birth, healing and community. I am passionate about providing services that benefit families and uphold the  postpartum
traditions. This way we can help mothers in their journey of motherhood. 


I am a certified Birth Doula, trained to support women emotionally and physically during labour and birth. I have included in my packages compulsory postpartum visits to ensure that I support my clients effectively. I also offer customisable Postpartum Packages for the extension of this vital service . 

I am also the founder of Botsetsi Foundation. Our main focus is to supply dignified nutritional warm meals created from our food donation drive to the disadvantaged women birthing at low risk units. We are depended on the support of stakeholders and our community. 

* I am currently in the process of completing the required hours to gain full certification as a PPCP.

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