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Holding Newborn Baby
Celebrate Intellect       Manzini

I am Celebrate Intellect Manzini.

A mother of 3 Boys and a lover of healing.


I am a professionally trained Jazz singer, entrepreneur and African Traditional Healer.


My work as Healer involves healing women on the highest level, which is from the womb — where all life and creation begins —

uprooting trauma in its roots and giving hope where it's all lost.


Healing with plants and herbs and song is what I do and the postpartum work is an extension of this work.


The conditions in which I birthed my children before, during

and after birth were terribly traumatic and definitely no way of welcoming a precious soul, but I have healed and hope I can forward the healing to many more women postpartum.

You are welcome to contact me:

Phone: 060 375 4751

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