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Dawn de Jager

My love for children begun when I was just a child myself.

I have since had the absolute honour and privilege of raising my own 3 daughters, as well as being part of 3 more beautiful children’s lives –— all now grown up. I can honestly say that motherhood, families, children and babies are my absolute passion and joy.


I was in the property market for 17 years, and decided to step out to follow my passion. I have been a birth doula since December 2017 and have mainly been volunteering my services across various state hospitals in Gauteng and now the aptly named ‘Mother City’; our beautiful Cape Town! I now answer to Doula Dawn and at long last, I am following my dream. I love this quote: “Your vocation is where your greatest passion meets the world’s greatest needs.” —  Amanda Inez.


My desire to help moms through and beyond the birthing process, inspired me to also do the Postpartum Care training, focusing on providing the full spectrum of these services. My main aim is to give you time to recover, rest and, most importantly, the opportunity for you and your partner to bond with and nurture your newborn baby.


As we all know, the many challenges after birth can be daunting and support during this transition period is vital to the overall health of mom and baby, which can affect the road ahead. The practical help and unconditional care provided during this time, is aimed to make it easier to embrace the natural state of motherhood.


In summary: You labour, I labour with you and together it’s simply a labour of love!

* I am experienced in providing postpartum care and I am currently in the process of completing the required hours to gain full certification as a PPCP.

You are welcome to contact me:


Phone: 082 594 3747

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