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Lucy Malima

My name is Lucy Mulima and I currently serve families as a Birth and Postpartum doula in Cape Town, South Africa. I answered the call to birth work in 2018, following in the footsteps and wisdom of my foremothers to carry on the age-old work of “being with women”, as the need may be. I initially felt called to serve at births, so I did my birth doula training with Mama Bamba, after which I started offering my services as a doula both on a voluntary and client basis.


In my work as a birth doula I engaged with women and families during their pregnancy and childbirth journeys, who then expressed a need for further support covering the postpartum period. In an effort to offer mothers holistic (and contextual) information/resources on what they were experiencing in postpartum on a physiological and emotional level, I was led to the work and postpartum course offerings of Midwife Jacky Bloemraad-de Boer, whom I went on to be trained by as a Professional Postpartum Care Provider in 2019.


My birth work/practice is rooted in indigenous African birth tradition and inspired by a culture that holds all pregnancy/birth as sacred. What this means in a practical sense, is that I am committed to honouring YOUR choices and decisions in the care and support that you are after. I offer holistic, practical and emotional support, while providing evidence-based information, knowledge and skills to help you and your family in making informed decisions around your postpartum period.


I also offer the tools of herbal support, meditation/relaxing breath exercises, as well as pre-and postnatal yoga asana as allies for the journey.

* I am experienced in providing postpartum care and I am currently in the process of completing the required hours to gain full certification as a PPCP.

You are welcome to contact me:


Phone: 073 783 6609

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