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Why professional postpartum care?

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

by Jacky Bloemraad de Boer

Postpartum care means holding the mother. This was the first time I held baby Miles,

2 weeks after I finished their care. How lovely when families come to visit and say thank you.

Professional Postpartum Care for the Mother:

Can you imagine that someone comes to your home to take care of you in the first weeks after your baby is born? Someone to listen, and guide without judgement, to know what is normal and what needs extra care and attention, to ensure you are nourished, to work with botanicals for healing and recovery, to keep an eye on baby while you shower or bath, to help you know if baby is feeding well, to be the eyes and ears to be able to refer you or baby if the need arises?

How fortunate and blessed you will feel.

For the Professional Postpartum Care Provider:

Can you imagine being the person that is providing this care? Being there in confidence for a mother, listening and supporting her so she is able to relax into her new role, performing simple tasks so that she can focus on nurturing her baby. Feeling confident to guide and counsel her, knowing what she needs and pampering her in a way that works for her.

How fortunate and blessed you will feel.


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