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Sheereen Yunus

My name is Sheereen, wife to an amazing husband and mother of three beautiful children whom I was blessed to have birthed naturally. My cultural background is rooted and focused on the need to care for and support every women in all stages of motherhood. The memories of this type of holistic and tailored care for mothers before, during and after labour spurred this passion within me. I am guided by my years of exposure to postpartum care which allowed me to create a tribe and space for mothers and babies to feel nurtured. 

Becoming a Doula was the first step for me in giving back and supporting women from all cultures and communities. My ultimate goal is to encourage the young mums out there to empower themselves in their birthing process and into motherhood. As a practising Doula and a Postpartum Care Provider I am able to offer my clients with physical, holistic and emotional support by creating a sacred healing space for recovery. 

My therapies include:

  • special recovery massages

  • therapeutic steams and herbal remedies

  • mum and baby care

  • belly binding 

  • nutritious meals and wholesome snacks

I am situated in Johannesburg and provide services around the Central, Southern and Northern Suburbs. Join the BABY MUM TRIBE ♥ Enjoy your first free telephonic consultation to help you answer any questions or concerns!

* I am experienced in providing postpartum care and I am currently in the process of completing the required hours to gain full certification as a PPCP.

You are welcome to contact me:


Phone: 071 687 1284 

  • Instagram
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