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Tulani Postpartum
     Care Services

We are Gerda Scheepers and Jana Belter; a mother-daughter team providing postpartum support to families as they find their way in their new roles as parents. 

In September 2018 a baby boy was born into our family — 

Gerda’s grandson and Jana’s first baby. This pregnancy journey, the birth and especially the postpartum period became the birthplace and inspiration for Tulani Postpartum Care Services. Our hearts were inspired to serve other families with newborn mothers and babies in a way that will empower them to reach out and serve those around them.

Our basic packages include 7 visits during the first 2 weeks after you baby’s birth. We’ll come to your home and support you where you need it most. For the mom we do afterbirth physical care, emotional support, answering questions, connecting you with specialist help and breastfeeding support. For the baby we check vitals, weight, assist with daily baby care tasks and make recommendations for healthcare. For the dad we answer his questions, guide him how to best support mom and baby and provide general encouragement.

On top of being PPCP’s we are both mothers and qualified teachers. We are always working on learning more and improving our knowledge and skill set. Gerda is a trained doula, Jana also works as an independent distributor for Young Living Essential oils and family photographer and both have personal experience in breastfeeding and training in breastfeeding support. Between them they count almost 8 years of breastfeeding their own babies.

We believe that it takes a whole village to raise a child and to support families as they welcome a new baby! We value networking with other specialists in this field to make sure a mother gets supported during her complete maternal journey. We prefer working in the South Peninsula area (including the southern suburbs of Cape town), but have supported mothers in other parts of the country as needed. 

* Jana is experienced in providing postpartum care and is currently in the process of completing the required hours to gain full certification as a PPCP. Gerda certified in 2018.

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Phone: 072 922 9260 

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